Vitamin E in Dealing with Stretch Marks


Vitamin E has a long and respected role in skin care history thanks to its proven powerful antioxidant properties and diverse range of uses. In general, this handy vitamin found in many natural sources is ideal for dealing with almost any kind of skin problem as well as simply working to maintain healthy skin as we age. While Vitamin E can’t work miracles it definitely makes a noticeable impact on our skin’s look and feel.

One of the most popular uses of Vitamin E is to help reduce stretch marks. This flaccid skin condition can come from a number of causes, including pregnancy, major weight loss and simple old age. Whether you’re 25 and a new mother or 55 and heading into the golden years, everyone agrees that stretch marks make us look and feel old.

Fortunately, the benefits of Vitamin E oil are thoroughly proven to reduce and even eliminate stretch marks. In fact, if there is one skin-related task Vitamin E is ideally suited for it’s dealing with stretched out skin.


How Vitamin E Works its Magic

A pregnant woman with stretch marksThe magic comes from a naturally-occurring compound in Vitamin E known as tocopherol. There are several different kinds of tocopherol such as delta, beta, alpha and gamma. But the one that has been

proven in several clinical studies to have the greatest effect on stretch marks is alpha-tocopherol. When you shop around for a skin cream be sure and read the label carefully to see if it contains alpha-tocopherol.While Vitamin E can do many different things, the one that helps with stretch marks is its ability to regenerate skin cells. When applied topically it penetrates deep into the skin’s bottom layers, effectively getting active at the cellular level. It promotes the growth of new skin cells and collagen so that over time the stretch marks appear to gradually fade away. With enough patience and regular application of skin creams with Vitamin E oil, it’s quite possible to completely remove all trace of stretch marks.


Preventing Stretch Marks

Another fantastic use of Vitamin E oil is to prevent the likelihood of future stretch marks during pregnancy. Another result of applying Vitamin E to your skin is that makes it more elastic and firm. Pregnant women using stretch mark prevention creams will almost certainly find one of the tocopherols on the ingredients list, so if your product doesn’t contain Vitamin E tocopherol then it probably isn’t the most effective option.

Besides pregnancy, Vitamin E creams are excellent at making the skin more resilient to wear and tear from weight change, hormonal fluctuation and other natural factors. By maintaining proper intake levels of this essential vitamin it’s possible to keep your skin prepared for virtually every situation.

Sources of Vitamin E Oil

The benefits of Vitamin E oil can be found naturally in many food items, from fruits such as mango and kiwi to nuts like almonds. While eating the right amount of foods that are naturally high in Vitamin E is the best way to ensure your body is getting enough of this important nutrient, those who have trouble keeping track of dietary plans can use Vitamin E supplements instead.

To fully combat the effects of stretch marks, it’s best to attack the issue on both fronts: internally and externally. By consuming Vitamin E-rich foods and taking supplements you can make sure your body is keeping its antioxidant powers high and boosting cellular repair from the inside. The USDA of Vitamin E for men is 10mg daily and for women 8mg. Add to that a regular regime of topical creams or pure Vitamin E gel to the affected skin areas and you should start to see results within a few days.


Choosing the Right Product

There are numerous stretch mark creams aimed directly at customers who have this particular problem. They contain the right combination of ingredients to boost your body’s production of collagen and keep those nasty free radicals at bay that love to kill off your skin’s elasticity. Always read the label of any stretch cream product to be sure it contains alpha-topopherol, preferably in its natural form instead of its synthetic acetate form.

Studies have also shown promising results when Vitamin E and Vitamin C are taken together. If the stretch marks are fairly small or localized you may want to consider going straight to the source and using pure Vitamin E gel caps. By puncturing a gel cap you can squeeze pure Vitamin E oil right on the affected area. It is believed that this direct application can increase the vitamin’s levels in your skin by as much as ten times more than with an over-the-counter cream. The trick is to have discipline and apply the gel at least twice daily. Considering the cost of specialized stretch creams, you may find that using pure Vitamin E gel caps can be a real money-saver.

photo courtesy of: jamiiies