Vitamin E – the Cellular Fountain of Youth

Everyone knows vitamins are important for good health. But not everyone understands the roles each unique vitamin plays within our bodies. Vitamin E is something of a life-extender because its job is to protect your cells from the relentless daily damage created by free radicals.

What are free radicals? They are the loose electrons in our body that like to deteriorate our cells and wreak havoc on our health. In other words, free radicals make our cells break down and our bodies get old. They are believed to contribute to serious diseases such as cancer and cardiovascular problems.

Looks like vitamin E oil floating upThe greatest benefit of Vitamin E oil is that it can repair some of the damage done by these pesky free radicals, thus reducing the potential for deadly diseases and premature aging to set in. It can be ingested orally (with food is the best way since it’s a fat-soluble vitamin) or applied topically to the skin.

Vitamin E can be found naturally in many foods including nuts, leafy greens, fortified cereals, vegetable oils, eggs and fish such as tuna or salmon. But for people who don’t enjoy eating those kinds of foods or simply don’t have time to plan meals to include the proper amounts of Vitamin E, supplements are a good alternative. It’s important to maintain proper levels of Vitamin E in the body because a prolonged deficiency can lead to serious problems like anemia, eye disorders and even neurological diseases. Most Vitamin E supplements should be consumed with food, and come in gel cap or pill form. Of course, there’s a limit to how much Vitamin E your body needs, so its use as a supplement must be carefully monitored. For the average adult, it is recommended to take 10mg for men and 8mg for women daily.

The Miracle of Vitamin E on Your Skin, Hair, and Nails

While consuming a sufficient amount of Vitamin E is essential to maintaining good health, the vitamin is perhaps more well-known for its powerful benefits to the exterior of our bodies. It can be found in myriad beauty products for your face, skin, hair and nails.

Vitamin E use also extends to the realm of beauty. Throughout history natural oils have been used on the skin to reduce the effects of stress and aging. In today’s saturated beauty market, this essential vitamin can be found in almost every skin cream product on the shelf.

Besides the superficial aspect of beauty and skin care, Vitamin E oil can also be used effectively to treat skin problems like acne, psoriasis and erythema. It can be applied right to the skin areas where treatment is needed, and can be used in its pure form or as an ingredient in a skin care product. It is perfectly safe to apply 100 per cent Vitamin E oil to your skin. In fact, many fans of its rejuvenating powers simply puncture a gel cap of pure Vitamin E and massage the oil right into their skin.

Vitamin E Oil for Skin

The use of Vitamin E oil is arguably most beneficial to skin. Many people use it to help heal burns and scars more naturally, even old ones, because it blocks the free radicals with its antioxidants. It works its way beneath the scar tissue and encourages new production of collagen, which ultimately promotes elasticity in skin. This elasticity in the skin is crucial when trying to prevent stretchmarks.

Although many people swear by it to reduce the unsightly appearance of old scars, there is some controversy about its ability to heal old scars. It is only scientifically proven to reduce scarring when used properly to treat wounds that are healing.

As we age, many people develop liver spots as their liver naturally starts to work less effectively. These unsightly brown spots on our skin can be lightened with Vitamin E, helping them to blend in with the surrounding skin and boost cellular regeneration. The wrinkles we all get from aging, smoking, excessive exposure to the sun and other common abuses to our skin can also be reduced by using Vitamin E oil and creams that contain significant amounts of the vitamin. By producing extra collagen, our body can create new skin cells faster and regenerate existing cells.

As a preventative, Vitamin E is very effective as protection against sunburn. It increases the effects of sunscreen when applied at least 20 minutes prior to the sunscreen lotion itself. Think of it as a base layer to boost the effectiveness of the UV protection in your sunscreen. Of course, it’s also extremely useful in treating sunburn after the fact.


Vitamin E Oil for Hair

The beauty benefits of Vitamin E oil for hair include its ability to promote good scalp condition and hair growth. The oil gives back moisture to hair that is lost from normal daily environmental damage. It can reduce hair breakage and help manage dandruff. In its pure form, the oil is effective when styling or braiding hair.


Vitamin E Oil for Nails

Another popular use of Vitamin E oil is on our cuticles. Fingernails and toenails can be kept in excellent condition by simply applying a touch of pure Vitamin E to the cuticles on a regular basis. It can prevent cracking and dryness on our nails, helping to keep this tricky part of our body looking healthy and attractive.

In Conclusion

Using pure Vitamin E isn’t something recommended on a daily basis. Its thick and sticky texture isn’t conducive to daily use, which is why it should only be used at night to repair a specific skin issue. However, its use within a moisturizing cream or other skin care product is excellent for daily use. Quality products that contain Vitamin E are never cheap, but the long-term benefits on both the inside and outside of our bodies is well worth it.

With so many benefits of Vitamin E for our body, this is one vitamin that deserves your attention and understanding. It’s never too early to begin incorporating Vitamin E into your diet and skin care regime because its power lies in protecting your cells, and every day that you’re alive a few more of those cells die. Check around and find a product that works well with your skin and be sure to remember to eat enough Vitamin E as well so that you are protecting your body from within and without.

photo courtesy of Tetine